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The Ensemble Bird Parrot Bird Recording Function Parrot Bird in Cage

The Ensemble Bird Parrot Bird Recording Function Parrot Bird in Cage

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Product Description
Bring the sound of birds singing into your home with the recording function sensor design. You can watch and listen to the sound of chirping along with the movement of its beak, neck, tail, and rock back and forth. Parrot Bird can record your voices and repeat them back exactly.
Bird with realistic shapes and textures are mounted on simulation tree branches pen holder design with hidden switch and connected to the power supply. 
These parrot birds magically come alive whenever you clap your hands or make any sound. Standing on pen holder rock and log, the birds will sing, chirp and talk in a wonderful voice and move their beak, neck, body, and wings in a realistic fashion.
These adorable talking, singing, and chirping birds will be the best birthday present for your children, cute gifts for friends, small thank you gifts and great home decorations.
It is a very nice and elegant pen holder on your desk. The appearance of the pen holder bird will bring you a relaxing mood and provide a means of stress release.

Brand: The Ensemble Birds
Item Type: Electronic Pet
Material: Plastic
Colour: As shown
Battery-Operated:  AA Battery (not included)
Age: 3 and Above 

1 x Bird  
1 x Cage

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