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Sound Control & Light Control Function Bird with Plastic Stand

Sound Control & Light Control Function Bird with Plastic Stand

Giá thông thường $24.90 AUD
Giá thông thường Giá ưu đãi $24.90 AUD
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Open your child's ability to explore nature and touch nature, making it easier for kids. All you do is waken it, and the little bird’s beak, neck, and body move as it chirps out sweetly its charming song for you. Both chirping birds on a ring, birds move their beak, neck, body, and wings in a realistic fashion.
Realistic electric singing and chirping bird is a perfect educational toy for kids, and also a great home garden decoration. The easiest pet to love and enjoy!
Bird toys are both fun and educational. Designed for children of all ages. Acquainting children with birds at a young age fosters a lifelong appreciation. 
These adorable singing and chirping birds will be the best birthday presents for your boyfriend, unique gifts for your brother, presents for your sister, and the perfect educational toy for children.
The appearance of the birds will bring you a relaxing mood and provide a means of stress release.
Brand: The Ensemble Birds
Item Type: Electronic Pet
Material: Plastic
Color: As shown
Battery-Operated:  AA Battery (not included)
Age: 3 and Above

2 x Birds

1 x Iron Stand
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