Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are dollhouses scale?
All dollhouses ratios are 1:24 (Except 1187005-Reading Corner, 1187006-Quiet Days, and 1187007-The Voice of the Piano which are 1:18)
Q: Does dust proof cover send together with the dollhouse?
Dust proof cover will be sent together with the dollhouse if you purchase the dollhouse with dustcover. Dust covers ship as thin cardboard-like panels that will be clear panels once the protective paper is peeled off of both sides
Q: Is there any difference between the 2 types of glues?
The bottle contains PVA glue which takes longer to dry while the tube contains a clear, faster-drying alcohol glue.
Q: Do dollhouses come with English Instructions?
Yes, they do. Some dollhouses come with a hard copy of an English manual, while others will come with a soft copy.
Q: Dollhouse instructions are not in English. Is there a way of getting instructions that I can read?
Yes, there is. Please search with the dollhouse name or code. English instructions are located in the product’s description. Otherwise, email if they are not there.
Q: Does your store sell the LED lights and battery pack as a separate kit?
Sorry, we don’t. However, the battery packs can easily be bought from Jaycar.
Q: Are your miniature dollhouses for adults or just children?
Miniature dollhouses are DIY kits for adults and children above 13 years old, depending on the difficulty of the model.
Q: Do miniature dollhouses come with all of the furniture and accessories in the completed kit shown online?
Yes they do, however, they will require assembly.
Q: Why are my ensemble birds singing without moving?
Please try to fix the bird's legs to the branch properly, make sure that you hear a click, as it's unable to act if it's not connected properly
Q: Do you have a pickup option?
Devon Children Store is an online store based in Boronia, Victoria. While there is no physical store for pickups, but we have a special arrangement of store delivery over the weekend if you are living nearby. Please send us a message if you need it urgently, so that we can make arrangements.
Q: Do you deliver to overseas?
Yes. We deliver to the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Cambodia, India, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Netherland, Spain and France.